Fleet services save money! If your company pays for any of the following items and doesn't use our fleet services, precious margins are slipping through your fingers...

  • Pay to weigh and re-weigh semi trucks
  • Pay truck/axle overweight tickets
  • Pay for kingpin-to-rear-axle (bridge-law) violations
  • Wages for drivers who lose time preparing their loads

Full Access to Trucker’s Slide Calc

Give you drivers access to all paid features of Trucker’s Slide Calc at a reduced group price. With a fleet license, we give you a token which you forward to your drivers. Once they enter it into the app, all paid features are unlocked for them. The more your driver’s use the app, the less money you lose on re-scale costs and regulation violations.

API Access to Add Functionality to Your Own App

Already have an app and don’t want to ask your drivers to install another one on their mobile devices? Add our functionality in your own app by using our REST-based compute API. Make it easy for your drivers to save the company money and reduce the fleet operating costs.

Temporary Fleet Image

Note: The compute API is currently in development. If you want an email notification when it goes live, please fill out the form below. We will send the notification twice and then delete the email list.